Looking back on July, which I plan for each year,  it was a resounding success. It seems silly now as I write this that I put so much emphasis on one-twelfth of the year when I could spread my focus over every month. Yet July is sticky ribs, ice cream, a hot dog with mustard and relish, finger licking good. And July is when our family gathers on Martha’s Vineyard for our much-anticipated vacation. So that is why I wrap my arms around July, holding on for a roller coaster ride without a safety harness.

Now, I can’t stop time, and July is now a memory filed away for another year. Oh, and such beautiful memories to savor on cold New England nights. 

July began with our family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and a Birthday party for the twins.

My favorite twins, Chad & Mandi

Next was living the Vineyard life and celebrating July 4th with a barbecue and riotous fireworks over Edgartown Harbor.

A trip to Polly Hill Arboretum was a welcome reprieve from the scorching, humid temperatures.

In Oak Bluffs, the Flying Horse Carousel is fun for all ages.

Pool time is the best option to stay cool on steamy July days with family fun! And don’t forget hugs and S’mores.

Gorgeous family pictures to capture the vacation. Thank you, Mila Photography!

Flora and fauna are ever-present.

Run, Elaine, run!

Light summer food, and we ate out in restaurants often.

We ended July as we began with a Birthday party, this one for Alexander, number nine!

And I would be remiss if I did not rave over July’s cocktails!

July did not disappoint! 



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