Alpaca Adventure on Martha’s Vineyard

Island Alpaca Barn and Pasture

Antique post and beam Barn that once stood in Export Pa

Since purchasing our vacation home on this magical island of Martha’s Vineyard we knew when our grandchildren came for a visit we’d take them to Island Alpaca Farm. On a beautiful August day, we all visited this charming farm where they raise the most beautiful Alpacas.



 Started in 2004 with eight Alpacas the farm now has a herd of over 50. The staff and volunteers loving care for the animals which they breed on the farm and are for sale. Interesting to find out that Alpacas make great pets as they will keep your lawn trimmed and provide excellent fertilizer know as  “Alpaca Gold”.  They even sell Paca poop fertilizer much to the delight of my five-year-old grandson.  A visit to the gift shop is a must where you will find a large assortment of items made from Alpaca fleece. Alpaca fleece is so luxuriously soft, sweater, baby clothes, throws, blankets, knitted hats, gloves and so much more.

Beautiful soft Alpaca Fleece in Gift Shop


Alpaca Fact:

Weight 100 – 175 pounds

Member of the camel family

Live for about  20 years

Gestation is 11-12 months

Birth weight 15-20 pounds

Adaptable to any climate

Getting a cooling off on a hot day!

And owning an Alpaca is tax-deductible, who knew! 


Visiting Island Alpacais a must-stop on your vineyard vacation!


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