Greek Layer Dip

‘Summertime and the living is easy’ a phrase that I’ve adopted from the song is my mantra during the relaxing summer months. Summer food fresh, easy, just deliciously good. I prepare make-ahead cold salads and dips to compliment grilling and barbecuing so I too can relax enjoying time with family and friends. My Greek Layer Dip fits all my qualifications for summer food. A great appetizer that is a family favorite, sure to please your crowd too!

Greek Layer Dip

1 carton(8 0z) garlic hummus*

1 carton(8 oz) tabouli*

1/2 cup Tzatziki*

1 cup chopped cherry tomatoes

1 cup sliced cucumbers, halved

1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese

On a serving plate spread hummus then top with tabouli. Next drizzle Tzakziki over the hummus and tabouli. Add chopped tomatoes and cucumbers. Top with feta cheese.

So easy and delicious!

* I use Cedar’s a New England company for the hummus, tabouli, and Tzatziki.



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