Bye Bye September

September, where did you go? And what a glorious September it was! I love this month, not only because my birthday and anniversary fall in September, but because it is a great month to welcome fall.

I am one of the few who love change, wrapping my arms around embracing the smell like when you buy a new car. It is exciting.

Well, let’s get back to September.

September 2 is our wedding anniversary, and we celebrated in Martha’s Vineyard at the lovely restaurant in Edgartown, L’etoile. Dinner was scrumptious with shaken, not stirred, excellent martinis.

Love Birds after all these years

The Labor Day long weekend on the Vineyard was perfect in every aspect, weather, food, claiming, and so much more. One last summer weekend by the pool.

I did do a little cooking in September. Still, in summer mode, I kept the meals light and easy. I loved the Focaccia bread that I made because it was delicious, which bread isn’t, and very easy.

And so much fun winning an Iron Chef cooking contest in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

And the drinks of September did not disappoint!

Yes, September was a glorious month, yet I have to say that I feel that way about every month. Life is meant to be celebrated, cheered, enjoyed, and relished like a mouth-watering meal. And I do my best to follow those words!


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