A Brief Marvelous May!

The month of May was a marvelous, glorious, breathtaking time as I hastily marched away from the long cold winter months embracing a deserving Spring. This year May in New England had schizophrenia, with morning temperatures hovering in the twenties, then towards the end of the month, we experienced days almost toping one hundred degrees!
I blinked, and unfortunately, May disappeared like an early morning pleasant dream, gradually fading as you become fully awake. Just a lovely memory!
May escaped from my grasp as quickly as it arrived! I rushed to finish all the spring items on my to-do list, finishing at the last possible second. We were late this year to set up our outside furniture. And after attempting for two years to purchase new cushions for the sectional, we finally succeeded.

My obsession with outdoor pillows is well known, and I couldn’t resist acquiring all these new pillows to compliment the fresh white cushions.
And we celebrated with wine and Caprese Salad on the deck!

Spring cooking wouldn’t be the same without an array of salads. And our first barbecue, Chicken sausage and tri-colored peppers.

And did I mention the Salads of May!

Mother’s day was a lovely brunch with family. Since I am known for loving flowers, I received gifts of beautiful bouquets from my family near and far.

Family prominently occupied the weekends in May with a baby shower, ballet recital, and a wedding.

Even during the cool morning, I managed to complete the clean-up work in my garden, and the reward was clematis growing up in a birdhouse.

Once again, I was honored to be a contributing writer to the July/August issue of Victoria magazine. If you have not discovered this gorgeous magazine brimming with stunning photographs and gracious features, I strongly suggest you find a copy. And much to my delight, I received a mention from the Editor-in-Cheif, Phyllis Hoffman, in her Dear Friends column.

We ended May with an extended Memorial Day weekend at our vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. Where we busily readied our house for the summer season.

And the drinks of May did not disappoint and reflect the changing season!

As I read over May’s events, I appreciate the month’s swift turning to June and am open to the endless possibilities awaiting a new month’s nascence.



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