A Milestone Birthday Celebration with Friends

Milestone birthdays never held any fascination or interest for me. Birthdays celebrations in the past have been family dinners at home or a restaurant. This year I felt differently and decided to throw a birthday gathering for my female friends, who hold a special place in my heart!

We gathered on a Sunday evening at my home to share and celebrate my special day.
I called the soiree my annual thirty-fifth birthday celebration since that is a good age and how I feel. And I love to cook and wanted to prepare the food to celebrate my birthday and our friendship.
First, I served a giant cheese board laden with various delicacies: cheeses, prosciutto, tapenade, olives, apricots, fig jam, and nuts, accompanied by crackers. On a trip to Sonoma, I found a beautiful cheese board made from the lid of a wine barrel. I couldn’t resist and am so pleased with my purchase. Another appetizer was shrimp with cocktail sauce. I purchased jumbo frozen shrimp from Wegman’s, which was delicious and easy.


The party was buffet-style, and I used dishes that were my late mother-in-law’s and held special meaning to me. And gold-plated silverware, a gift from my mother. Since my birthday is in September, I decorated my house with a fall theme. The centerpiece on the table was a white pumpkin carved out and arranged with hydrangeas from my garden Candles, a must at my home, burned bright on the table.
The main courses were roasted turkey breasts, roaster butternut squash lasagna, Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie), roasted brussels sprouts with fig balsamic glaze, and tossed Caesar salad. Dessert, I did not make, was a beautifully delicious birthday cake.



All the dishes I prepared ahead and put the finishing touches on the day of the party. When I entertain, I want to enjoy my guest, not in the kitchen.


Maybe it was because of the pandemic and starved for personal contact we had a blast. Most have been friends for a long time and enjoy each other’s company. Either reason, this was a fantastic evening, and I’m thinking of making the party a reoccurring tradition!

The final ingredient good friends, fellowship and conversation.



  1. What a great time celebrating your special day! It was a fabulous evening spending time with old and new friends, an abundance of wine, candlelight and delicious food? Everything was perfect. Thank you for a delightful evening..xo


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