It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas! Christmas is a magical time, filled with love and joy, gathering with family and friends, decorating, baking and cooking, and living in New England snow! Each year I promise that I will not go overboard – curtain my decorating frenzy – embrace a minimalistic style – each year, I break my promise! I can’t help myself as I begin opening my stored Christmas decorations- how can I not use all my beautiful treasures lovingly collected over the years.
And so it begins…… My tradition the day after Thanksgiving is not to rise early for Black Friday (nothing wrong with a day of retail therapy); I start my day watching the sunrise and decorating for Christmas. I begin in my dining room by unpacking my Lenox Holiday china – my children’s gifts to me – washing each piece. I remember the Christmases when they were small; their eyes filled with anticipation as I opened my special gift – then I replace my regular china with my Holiday China. Each year I get so many lovely compliments on my china.

Now I can enjoy my China and I use it all for entertaining and Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner.

The dining room gets a fancy dressing to host family holiday meals

In the living room, we go all out with gold decorations on the tree and throughout the room. I have been called a golden girl! I love all that glitters and is gold.

I can’t seem to add enough to this fireplace mantel!

 This little gold tree is my first Christmas decoration that my husband and I bought the first year we married. I was walking to work past a display shop where I saw this tree in the window. I went in and asked the owner if I could buy the tree. And although it was not a retail shop, he sensed my excitement and sold me the tree for twenty dollars.

Years ago, when my oldest son was two years old, I made this ceramic Christmas Village. Years later, his son, my oldest grandchild, loves the village; he spends hours playing with the town just like his father.

This nativity set was a gift from my mother the first year we were married. She lovingly made the figures in rich colors decorated with jewels – my style!

My husband, Chris, many years ago started collection Department 56 Christmas in the City; his collection grew over the years with a gift from our children.
In our family room with a high ceiling, we find the tallest tree on the lot and decorate it with ornaments given to us by family and friends. The room and the tree is simmering in deep burgundy and – did I say I love gold- gold!


My kitchen hutch becomes a backdrop for my collection of Santas and Santa dishes.


So many beautiful remembrances – memories our family cherishes, and we now share with the next generation.
Once I’m finished, I sit down with my special teacup and read ‘A Christmas Cup of Tea’ to my four grandchildren!
So begins ‘The most wonderful time of the year’!


P.S. I’d love to hear about your family traditions!



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