Victoria Magazine



I am so over the moon since my story Island Call appeared in the Victoria Magazine July/August issue. Victoria captured my heart many years ago when, by chance, I stumbled on the December issue, randomly searching through a stack of magazines, as I impatiently waited in a doctor’s office. From my first encounter, I became a devoted reader waiting patiently for each new issue to arrive in my mailbox. Over time I began writing letters to the reader to reader feature which much to my delight were published by Victoria.  Motivated by the success of my letters accepted for publication I submitted my story Island Call for Victoria’s Chimes section featured on the last page of the magazine.

One year later I received an email from Victoria saying the magazine was interested in purchasing my story for the July/August issue and was Island Call still available for purchase. So excited I immediately answered yes I would be thrilled to sell Island Call to Victoria.  Last week my complimentary copy arrived in a crisp white envelope, holding my breath my fingers quickly found the last page. Looking at the page, seeing the title Island Call, text by Elaine Mellen, a soft sigh escape with the realization I can say I am a writer.

Sometimes a chance encounter like finding a magazine in a doctor’s office changes your life setting you on a new course: directing you on a path that seemed unimaginable most of your life. Perhaps fate was sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear, forget fear, suspend doubt, forge ahead, continue sending letters and stories to Victoria and don’t give up until my story is on the Chimes page. Now with no resistance, I follow the path in front of me knowing that life’s journey, your purpose, is in plain sight if your heart is open to following your destiny.



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