Irresistible Paperwhite Narcissus


I love paperwhites because they are so easy to grow! During Christmas, I use paperwhites in every room to add a natural touch holiday to my decor. Your children will enjoy helping ‘planting’ the bulbs and watching the quickly blooming bulbs. Just set the bulbs in a to stones in a glass container, add water until it reaches the bottoms of the bulbs and in a few weeks, you will be rewarded by beautiful, aromatic blooms. If the room temperature rises above 60 degrees or the light is too dim, paperwhites get too tall, actually leggy. To keep stems shorter replace original water with a mix of 1 part vodka or gin to 7 parts water. No need to use the Grey Goose or Bombay Saphire, paperwhites aren’t connoisseurs. Shaken or stirred?



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