Beautiful Surroundings Soothing to the Soul!


Seeking beauty in surroundings seems frivolous,wasting time, energy, money, especially when measured against ‘real’ world issues. A throw back to a time that has long passed, is not relevant and doesn’t exist. I for one beg to differ for filling my life with beauty effortless elevates my soul. The beauty that makes me happy changes from moment to moment presenting unlimited opportunities to enjoy. From a beautiful bouquet of fresh picked flowers simply arranged in a white pitcher to aromatic soup gracing an artfully designed bowel, all add an element of joy to normal surroundings. Style, grace, elegance, manners, all old fashion ideas, words belonging not to our face paced technology driven world, extinct, irrelevant to life as we live today. I challenge that tenant; for living with simple beauty in all aspects of life colors the world with a unique hue of infectious positivity.

Filling my life with beauty, man made or natural invites repose, beckoning me to stop, slow down, even if only for a second, to see, feel, partake with awe all that I normally ignore in my hectic life: Needed nourishment for a thriving like as much as food is needed for a healthy body. Of late I have become acutely aware that that ugliness in all forms, even words, depresses not only the mind but the physical body as well. Through the mind body connection our thoughts, moods, travel on pathways reaching all areas of our body creating either positive or negative results. By simply increasing awareness of beauty impacts all aspects of life.

Adding beauty each day, a single flower in a vase, a good book with engaging writing, a walk in the park, a breathtaking photo, a few examples of my ideas, is easy. The old adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” means the definition of beauty is wide range, uniquely individual, a bare canvas open for personal interpretation. Finding beauty, soaking in the feeling,  embracing the joy into one’s soul elevates even the downiest of days freeing you to be a light illuminating the world. Be the beacon for all sharing the rays of hope moving from darkness to light. Beauty lights up the bleakest moment allowing a smoother transition to the next. Fill each day with your personal definition of beauty  comforting  your path on life’s glorious journey.


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