Victoria Magazine is just so soothing to a woman’s soul!

Many years ago, just by chance, I stumbled upon a beautifully styled magazine that spoke to me from the very first issue that I read. After reading one issue I was enchanted by the gorgeously styled photos, beautifully written articles, the timeless sentiment of living surrounded by loveliness. Victoria Magazine touches my soul deeply, making me a faithful devoted reader waiting impatiently for each issue to transport me to a place of beauty and elegance. Victoria also focuses on a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who followed their hearts and passion to start their own business, living their dream. I was inspired by the magazine to embrace my dream of writing a lifestyle blog featuring my love of cooking, decorating, living a beautiful gracious lifestyle surrounded by all things lovely.

Now all has come full circle as this month I am featured in the Reader to Reader section of Victoria with my letter on how I look to spring on cold winter days and nights. I have become that woman who I admired in Victoria, a fearless woman who is following her dreams and passions on life’s exciting journey. I am confident that this is another step to passionately pursue my life’s dream. I am so grateful to have this beautiful magazine as a beacon of light that, yes I too, can realize all my dreams to embrace my true self!

Check out Victoria.


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